Hi, I'm Louisa and I'm a quilt addict...

This obession started in my teens when I made my first quilt, and if I remember rightly, I designed it myself even back then! 

Originally an East London girl, I now live with my very own Northerner in Middlesbrough in the Northeast where I work in my studio designing and creating new quilt, cushion and EPP kits and patterns using some of the beautiful designer fabrics available today. I also write a regular blog and Newsletter, and contricute to some of the country's best quilting magazines - you can find out more about those projects here.

I am so lucky to be able to do a job I love, being surrounded by colour and texture all day while also using the brain cells to work out patterns, dimensions and technique, I call it my free therapy. Passing this joy on was idea behind my Pre-Cut Party where every month my Newsletter subscribers are emailed a free pattern, not only to encourage them to get out those precious pre-cuts, but also to try something different or to discover a new technique... after all we never stop learning. Continuously discovering new things keeps us active, healthy and alive - as a customer recently told me, she was glad her stash was so large as it will ensure she lives as long as possible to use it all!

My collection of quilt, cushion and EPP kits are for the complete beginner right through to the more advanced. For example, my Beginner's Quilt Kits include all the pre-cut squares, borders, binding and thread, making them perfect for someone who hasn't yet invested in the cutting tools and just wants to have a go and see if this craft if for them. My quilt kits tend to be based on pre-cuts, so you'll find that I have already pre cut the jelly roll or charm pack for you, so you can get on with the sewing straight away. You can see my full quilt kit collection here

I also have a series of free tutorials, including a three-part guide to the Beginner's Quilt which takes you through the whole process of making your first quilt. Other turorials include how to finish off your binding, inserting a cushion zip and an introduction to foundation piecing. You can see this collection of tutorials here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line here.