About Louisa & Sewmotion

Hi, I'm Louisa, and I love to craft! Over the years I have taught myself so many different crafts, including tapestry and cross stitch, batik, card making, quilling, knitting, crochet... you name it, I've probably tried it. But it wasn't until my twenties that I first discovered quilting, back in the days when it was cardboard templates and scissors :) I remember creating a incredibly bright batik penguin panel that I made up into a quilt for a friend's baby, poor child's probably still traumatised. 

However, it wasn't until my thirties that the quilting bug completely took hold. Having been made redunant from our publishing jobs, my husband Justin and I took a round the world trip, which was totally amazing by the way. It was on a rainy day in Australia when I bought a couple of quilting magazines to read in our campervan when inspiration hit - I decided then and there that I wanted to run my own quilting business. Or course it wasn't going to be that easy, I needed to be retrained in retail for one thing.

So we returned to the UK and I was lucky enough to get a job in a lovely family-run quilting shop in Hereford, Doughty's, where I learnt so much, especially how so many people wanted to learn how to quilt. As Doughty's didn't run any classes, it was down to the staff to help the customers as much as possible, so I decided to write up a simple Beginner's Quilt pattern, we would then help them choose the fabrics and equipment needed and send them on their way - I was always so chuffed and humbled when they came back a few weeks later full of pride to show off their acheivements, and eager to move on to the next project.

It was this customer enthusiam and my desire to share my quilting knowlegde that led to me to set up Sewmotion. During my time at Doughty's I really enjoyed putting fabrics together for customers as well as creating my own pre-cuts and bundles, so I have carried this on with Sewmotion, as well as designing and creating quilting kits, from the Beginner's Quilt kit, and cushion and wall hanging kits, to smaller items including purse and pincushion kits.

I have also become highly addicted to English paper-piecing over the last few years, developing my own style using curved shapes which I design myself. Many of my cushions and my Hoop Art kits are based on these designs, as well as my block-of-the-month Curved Motion Medallion Quilt.

I am always planning the next quilt design or kit, and with so many beautiful fabrics available I have more ideas than time! To keep up to date with my latest designs, plus subscriber-only offers and monthly free patterns, you can sign up to my weekly Newsletter here. I do hope my projects inspire you to have a go, or maybe bring you back to this wonderful craft. If like me you have been quilting for years, I hope I can entice you to try something a little different.... happy sewing and I hope to meet you at a quilt show one day :)